Ali Mahmood

Karrar Y.A. Al-bayati

Róbert Szabolcsi


The fuzzy logic controller (FLC) is considered one of the most familiar control techniques for dealing with uncertain and nonlinear systems. However, the steady-state error is still a challenge in some applications that need to be handled. To diminish this issue, an integral part has been incorporated with the fuzzy controller. This paper examines three kinds of FLC systems to improve the accuracy of the antenna's azimuth position. The three proposed controllers: basic fuzzy PD logic control system (FPD), fuzzy logic control system with an I controller (FPDI), and fuzzy logic control system plus an I controller (FPD+I) are implemented and compared in case of tracking desired antenna angle, disturbances and uncertainties using MATLAB simulation software. It has been observed that the FPD+I controller part proved effective in reducing steady-state error while delivering the best tracking performance response of the antenna's azimuth position and robustness to disturbances and uncertainties.