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Nanotechnology Perceptions - Raising Awareness of Nanotechnology

The periodical "Nanotechnology Perceptions" is designed to prepare for the nanotechnology revolution (including bio-nanotechnology and nano-medicine) by providing a stimulating forum for the exchange of ideas and information. Nanotechnology is already penetrating almost imperceptibly into daily life, as essential enabling technology for increasingly miniaturized products such as mobile telephones and laptop computers, and sophisticated and complex components of medicines and cosmetics. It is already a significant global business activity. Nevertheless, in comparison with what is anticipated to be achieved, as testified by the huge sums being spent on research in the world's most developed economies, these are small hesitant steps towards a future that may ultimately lead to personal desktop nanofactories able to fabricate most common goods using nothing more than piped hydrocarbon gas as raw material. The mission of "Nanotechnology Perceptions" is to prepare the world for these changes, by raising awareness of nanotechnology among a far wider audience than the engineers and scientists actually engaged in developing it.

The changes are likely to be big, as a recent Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC) report suggests: "Nanotechnology is being heralded as the new technological revolution,  its potential is clear and fundamental so profound that it will touch all aspects of the economy and society. It will cheapen the production of all goods and services and permit the development of new products" As with all revolutions, there are both dangers and opportunities. The first weapon against the former is to be well informed, which is also essential in order to exploit the latter. Nanotechnology Perceptions contains original essays on social impact and risks, and incisive technical briefs on the science and technology itself. Steered by a distinguished international editorial board, it has already made an impact with contributions from a range of well-known scientists and engineers. Other highlights from Volume 1 (2005) include the acclaimed NanoDictionary and the first published debate between the protagonists of molecular manufacturing and their critics.

Nanotechnology Perceptions is published to provide a stimulating forum for the exchange of ideas and information concerning nanotechnology (including bionanotechnology and nanomedicine), ultraprecision engineering and other emerging technologies. Each issue contains essays on critical issues of the technologies themselves, as well as incisive appraisals of their impact on human life, society and its institutions. Articles are intended for a worldwide readership, and should be of especial interest to leaders in industry, commerce (including bankers and investors), the professions, politics and public administration, and all others who must make decisions based on a sober, impartial assessment of the potential—and risks—of emerging technologies in their areas of work.

Nanotechnology Perceptions (ISSN 1660-6795) is published three times a year (March, July and November) by "Brookfield Academic Limited"  in the United Kingdom. 

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