A. Vanishvili S. Kvinikadze D. Tsverava T. Iashvili G. Baliashvili G. Abashidze


Over the past two decades, extensive research has focused on impact-resistant polymeric materials, a pressing modern scientific challenge. Notably, Metal-Polymer laminates stand out as hybrid composites, combining traditional fiber-reinforced plastics with metal elements like foils or mesh. While the primary application of these laminates has historically been in aircraft structures, their use has extended to the construction industry. Ongoing research aims to enhance the mechanical properties of these materials, paving the way for diverse applications. Scientists at the Grigol Tsulukidze Mining Institute have achieved significant breakthroughs in creating these innovative materials. By leveraging advances in polymer chemistry, they've managed to engineer composites with targeted properties, capable of withstanding dynamic loads and diverse conditions. One of the standout advantages of this technology is its cost-effectiveness. It boasts reduced electricity expenses by 30-40%, facilitates the production of larger components, and slashes labor costs by 40-50% compared to alternatives.